The Book Of Bare Bones is a series of illustrations depicting the skeletal structure of various pop characters by UK artist Will Blood.

It began life in 2013 with the first x-ray illustration for a local exhibition, then grew into a book release in 2015 featuring the first 50 characters. This was released with the help of kick starter funding, gaining lots of interest and hitting over 600% of the required amount.

Now reaching nearly 200 popular characters and heading for a fourth book the series shows no sign of stopping.

I hope you enjoy them! Please don't hesitate to drop me a line with any questions! Here's a few FAQ'S:

Q: Can i get a tattoo of one of your drawings?

A: Yes! Please do, it'd be great if you did reach out and ask first. Please send me a photo and give me credit! If you wanted to support my work then please buy something, tell your friends, drop me a like on facebook/instagram etc.

Q:What about copyright, do you get in trouble?

A:Yes, a lot.

Q: Where can i buy original work?

A: There's a few available via my Etsy store, im currently trialing this format but my Etsy will remain open with a larger quantity of stock. If there's any you're interested in and cant see please drop me a line.